Saturday, January 5, 2019

Small Business - The Backbone of America

Think about how small business has built America.  Small business forms the foundation of the American Dream!  And even with the competition of corporate chains, it remains possible for the small guy to compete.

Northeastern Pennsylvania has an abundance of small towns.  Dunmore, Old Forge, Luzerne, Scranton, Wilkes Barre and other surrounding towns all have thriving small businesses.  These small businesses compete on price, and the service you receive from the proprietors is personal.  

This blog is especially geared to the small business in Northeast Pennsylvania.  I have 40 years of experience.  I've been a CFO/COO in a small career technical school, and over the years worked with many small businesses in NEPA.  I operate a small business myself, Empowerment Solutions, specializing in issues facing businesses and nonprofits. I've taught QuickBooks classes geared toward contractors, retailers, small shops, and family-owned business in NEPA.

You will see articles in this blog about accounting issues, receivables, payables, marketing and outreach, customer relations, and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI).  CPI is built on the Toyota Production System and applies to all types of businesses.  CPI is my specialty.

Most importantly, I offer these services at affordable rates.  No need to spend a fortune.  I am not a long-term consultant; instead, I teach you and move on.

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