Saturday, January 5, 2019

Shoebox Bookkeeping

Be honest.  How many of you small business owners throw receipts and invoices in a shoebox, then wait for your accountant to sort through and organize your finances?  I've seen it many times!  There are solutions.

QuickBooks software is some of the best accounting software on the market.  Which brings up some  issues.  I've seen untrained business owners buy QuickBooks and try setting up the software themselves.  This usually ends up with less than stellar results, and some business owners just give up.  The processes of setting up a usable Chart of Accounts, entering list information, and setting up all the other software parameters specific to your business can be daunting.

The goal is to have software parameters set specifically for your business so that the information you get from QuickBooks is timely and accurate.  This usually requires setting up processes outside the QB software that enhance your business.  An important software suite for many business owners to learn is Microsoft Office.  QuickBooks allows reports to be exported to Excel.  This can be extremely useful.

Another process to consider is paperless records.  Scanning and shredding paper records is much easier and more secure now that cloud computing is prevalent.  Also, functions like emailing invoices can be done inside QuickBooks.  Setting backup protocols enhances the security of your records.

Most business owners simply don't have time to set up these functions.  That's where I can help.  As a short-term consultant and teacher, I can handle setup, training, and deployment.  I then hand the functions over to the business owner.  This is more affordable than you might think.

I'm retired and operating my small business on a pert-time basis.  I don't want extended contract work.  That's how I keep your costs to a minimum.  Contact me for more...

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